Coaster is a desktop app that makes it easier to search for photos from the massive library of free stock photos on Unsplash. Download, copy to clipboard and do more with a simpler interface on your Mac and Windows.

Unsplash.com is a great source of free stock photos. Contributors from around the world willingly share their photos on Unsplash for others to use. These photos are available for free and can be used for commercial and noncommercial purposes. Read more about Unsplash license here.

Coaster aims to make it easier to search and use these photos while working on your Mac or Windows. It was built with designers' workflow in mind. The ability to quickly search for something specific and use them directly in their mockups and high-fidelity designs will reduce the efforts required to find the perfect photos - either to be used as final design assets or even as mock data for design presentations.

However, no matter what your role is, if you're constantly looking for free, beautiful and high-quality stock photos, you will love how Coaster can fit seamlessly in your workflow. If you have ideas and suggestions to make Coaster even better, feel free to contact us!

Coaster is designed and developed by Gaddafi Rusli - a full-time product designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He's always been building random things to teach himself to code - from web apps, iOS apps and desktop apps. You can view his past works on his website. Follow him on Dribbble and Twitter to see what he's up to. Don't forget to say hello 👋

by Gaddafi Rusli