Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Coaster?

    Coaster makes it easier for you to find and use the right photo from the massive library of free stock photos on Unsplash. Download, copy and do more with a simpler interface on your Mac and Windows.

  • How does Coaster get photos from Unsplash?

    Coaster doesn't scrape or store any photos from Unsplash on our own server. We built Coaster by implementing Unsplash official API. All the search results are the exact photos as what you'll see when you searched on Unsplash.com. Your search and download will contribute to the photographer's stats on their profile - which is good.

  • I have paid on Gumroad, but I didn't receive anything. What should I do?

    Make sure to enter a valid email address on checkout. After the payment, you should see a link to download Coaster. You should also receive a receipt from Gumroad with the download link in your email. If you're still having a problem, please contact us with a proof of payment. We'll sort it out for you.

  • Will I receive future updates for free?

    Yes. If you purchased Coaster, you will receive bug fixes, feature updates and supports for free.

  • How to receive the latest updates from my existing Coaster app?

    Automatic updates has been introduced in version 0.2.1 for the macOS version. You should be prompted to update the app if there's new version.

    Otherwise, you can login to your Gumroad account and go to your Library to see the latest version. If you didn't create an account on Gumroad when you purchased the app before, find the original email sent by Gumroad and click "View product" link in that email. Download the latest version and replace the old version. Contact us if you needed more help.

  • Will Coaster be available on the Mac App Store?

    There is no plan to release Coaster on the Mac App Store because of their limitation. We believe we'll be able to release more frequent and faster updates if we are selling it outside of the Mac App Store. However, our app is signed using a valid Apple developer certificate.

  • Is there a plan to launch Coaster for Windows or Linux?

    There is no plan for that yet. Although it is technically not difficult to do it, we've decided to focus on the Mac version for the time being. Update: Coaster for Windows is now available for purchase. There is no immediate plan to launch Coaster for Linux for the time being.

  • Why can't I "like" photos, follow people or create collections just like on the Unsplash website?

    We're trying to simplify the app to just focus on search at the moment. Liking a photo, creating a collection and other actions requires users to login to their Unsplash account - although possible - is againts that. Plus, Unsplash API Guideline prevent us from replicating the core experience of Unsplash.com website.

  • What is the dimension of the photos provided by Coaster?

    Photos from Coaster are obtained from the official Unsplash API. Depending on the action you chose, you'll get photo with different dimension. When you download the HD photo, you'll get the original and highest resolution photos available from Unsplash. When you use the "Copy Photo" button, you'll get photo with a maximum width of 1080px. When you drag the photo from the right sidebar, you'll get a photo with a maximum width of 400px

  • This page will be updated as we get more enquiries. Contact us if you need help

by Gaddafi Rusli