Press Kit

If you're planning to write about Coaster, you can get the asset for the app icon and app screenshot below. Do make sure that you send your audience to heycoaster.com to download the app instead of linking to the purchase page directly as that link might change without notice.

  • App icon

    Use the app icon to introduce and feature Coaster app to your audience. Download the app icon below to get the transaparent background version that can be use on light and dark background.

    Download app icon
  • App screenshot

    Use the app screenshot below to show Coaster's basic functionalities and how the app looks like in a macOS environment.

    Download app screenshot
  • Demo video

    Include the demo video below to showcase Coaster to your audience

    Link to demo video
  • Who made Coaster?

    Coaster is designed and developed by Gaddafi Rusli - a full-time product designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He's always been building random things to teach himself to code - from web apps, iOS apps and desktop apps. You can view his past works on his website. Follow him on Dribbble and Twitter to see what he's up to.

  • If you need additional assets and details, feel free to contact us.

by Gaddafi Rusli